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Accounting 212: Home

Tips on using company and industry research for company financial analysis.

Financial Analysis

You have been asked to perform a complete financial analysis, including vertical, horizontal, and ratio analysis, on two similar companies. This guide will help you find industry information for benchmark comparison and company information for direct analysis or company to company comparison.

The resources below will really help you succeed!

Industry Research

The Ensign College library has a number of databases to help you find industry reports.  These tools will provide information on current performance and future outlook, the competitive landscape, operating conditions, key financials, and financial ratios. Our favorite tools for industry research are the following resources:

Database Tutorials

The tutorials linked here will help you more successfully search using business databases.

Company Research

The Ensign College library has a number of databases to help you find company information. These tools will provide information on most medium to large public companies and some private companies. You will find information on current and projected performance, current news, executives, and key financial data. Our favorite tools for company research are the following resources: