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Faculty and Staff Resources: Curriculum Support Resources

Learn all about the library resources available to faculty and staff.

Ebook Content

Students have access to these ebooks through library subscriptions. You can link to the books in Brain Honey or Brightspace.

Other Resources

Explore these sites for low-cost or partnered content possibilities.

Open Education Resources

These sites have textbooks that can be used with a CC-BY-SA license. You can download them, alter them, mix them, and embed them in your course. If you alter them, you must share a copy of your text version online under a CC-BY-SA license.

News Content

Students have access to an archive of almost 3,000 news sources, current and historical. You may link to this content. 

Financial Times, The New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal can be found in ProQuest Newsstand.

Other Web Resources

Use this material in accordance with posted licenses and copyright restrictions. In general, links to the material are okay. Do more research if you want to embed something in your course.

Library Content

You can post links to most ebooks and articles available through library databases into your Brain Honey or Brightspace course.

Harvard Business Review articles are still an exception. Watch for other articles that may include an exclusion notice

Also check the Databases A to Z page or the Databases by Subject page for more specialized research.