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LS 103: Nutrition and Health: Home

Resources for your LS 103 nutrition and health class

What's In This Guide

Welcome to the LibGuide for the Nutrition Class, this site will help you find free resources the school has available for your success in this class. Some of the information you will find here is: 


Class Book



This is the book you will be required to have while enrolled in this class. You can purchase it in the School's Bookstore on the first floor. In case you forgot to bring yours or you need it to do homework at school, we have a limited amount of copies that you can check out from us for a time of 2 hours. 

Choose My Plate

As part of this class, you'll be required to create a meal plan and test it for a couple of days. Clicking the image will redirect you to, which will help you create a balanced diet. Don't hesitate to ask your teacher for assistance in using this tool. 

Quiz & Test review

Feeling nervous about your quiz/test for the class? Visit the following links to get familiar with the questions you'll be asked. 

Nutrition 4th Edition Practice Quiz

Quizlet Test Review

Crash Course playlist