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Research Strategy: Form an Opinion

Not sure where to start on your big research paper? Start here! We'll walk you through it step by step.

Quick Tips

Now that you've done your research you can form an opinion.

  • What does your research support?
  • Is there a consensus amongst the experts in the field?
  • Are there controversies, if so what are they?

Thesis Statement

A thesis statement should be a sentence or two declaring what your paper will be about. It should also summarize the evidence you will provide in the rest of your paper. A strong thesis statement is necessary for a strong paper. Everything in your paper should point back to your thesis statement in some clear way. Your thesis statement should appear in the first paragraph of your paper, generally as the last sentence before moving from your introduction to your body paragraphs. These are a few links to help you write a rock solid thesis statement. 

Need Help with your Thesis Statement?

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