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Microeconomics ECON 161: Resources

Films on Demand

Are you a visual learner? The following videos/documentaries can help you better understand some of the principles that will be required to know for this class. 

Elasticity of Demand 

Intro to Economics: Crash Course

Jacob Clifford Playlist on economics

Microeconomics Unit 2 Summary 

Microeconomics Unit 3 Summary 

Supply and Demand (a guide to graph them)


Having issues while graphing? Visit the following sources to receive further instruction on how to improve your graphing skills. 

Econ Graphs: This tool will help you analyze different data presented by an experienced University professor. 

Essential Graphs: Find basic concepts of when to use a certain type of graph and learn to analyze what type of data you'll need to create it. 

19 Minute Review

Test Reviews

Quizlet offers a series of flashcards that could help you be more prepared for your tests. Visit the links from your phone for full access.

Review 1 | Review 2 | Review 3