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Microeconomics ECON 161: APA Citation

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APA In-text Citations

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Example Source Citations

Scholarly Article Citation

1. Article Citation

Blank Example:

Author, F. M. (Year). Article title: Sentence capitalization. Journal Title, volume #(issue #), inclusive page numbers. Retrieved from Database Name

Completed Example:

Smith, H., & Wesson, D.B. (1852). Volcanic rifles for the dangerous frontier. The Journal of Guns, Prairies, and Frontiers, 2(8), 35-48. Retrieved from JSTOR


2. In-text Citation

(Author's Last Name, Year, p. #)

Ex. (Smith & Wesson, 1852, p.45)


3. Website Citation

Blank Example:

Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Date of publication). Title of document. Retrieved from http://web address

Completed Example:

Jones, J. (2020, October 1). Building Your Resume-How to Plan Ahead While Still in School. Retrieved from


4. YouTube Video

Blank Example:

Author, A. A. [Screen name]. (year, month day). Tittle of video. [video file]. Retrieved from http:// xxxxx

Completed Example:

Browning, E. B. [ebbpoemsrock61]. (2016, September 9). Let me count the ways to make great resumes. [Video file]. Retrieves from


Citing an Interview?

How do you cite an interview?

Never fear. Interviews DO NOT get an entry in the reference page. Only in-text. 

APA Formatting and Style Guide

The Purdue O.W.L. (Online Writing Lab) is one of the best APA Style Guides online. Start here to find out how to correctly cite your resource!

Free Citation Generators

Remember: Make sure to always double check everything for accuracy since there can be errors!