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SS 160 Introduction to Leadership and Social Science: Social Science Research

Definition and Methods

Have you ever wondered why people behave in certain ways? How about in the way someone thinks or approaches a new situation? Well, social science research works to answer many of the questions we have about human behavior. Through scientific study, social science research seeks to understand the hows and whys of human behavior.

Policy and Research

The humanities and social sciences have a rich and unique contribution to make to the world we live in. The British Academy’s fellowship and award-holders represent breadth and excellence of expertise across these disciplines, and the Academy’s policy and research work are dedicated to applying that insight to policy issues for the public benefit and societal wellbeing.


Religion and the Public Sphere

undefinedReligion has been increasingly acknowledged in recent years as an important aspect of national and international politics, a pervasive and contentious cultural force, and a subject of significant public concern. Follow the link to start your research based on this aspect.

Science Direct Journals

Read the latest articles of Social Science Research at, Elsevier's leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature.



JSTOR is a digital library founded in 1995. Originally containing digitized back issues of academic journals, it now encompasses books and other primary sources as well as current issues of journals. It provides full-text searches of almost 2,000 journals.