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Library Resources: How to Find Materials

This guide contains a full list of resources organized by name.

How to Find Books

How to Find Databases

To find a database, browse the database by subject or browse databases alphabetically.

You may want to try one of the general databases such as Reference Library or Academic Search Premier.

If you need a one on one consultation or further assistance, please ask us for help at the third floor reference desk or click on one of the research help links to email us your questions.

We have also have tutorials to help you learn how to use the various databases.

How to Find Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

The encyclopedias and dictionaries in the Ensign College library are all located in our reference section. Encyclopedias and dictionaries cannot be checked out, but photocopies may be made inside the library for 10 cents a page.

The library has specialty encyclopedias and dictionaries on many topics including: business, accounting, medicine, and law.

You can also find a large selection of encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other reference materials in the below databases:

How to Find Newspapers

If you are looking for something local or current, our library subscribes to both the Deseret News and the Salt Lake Tribune. We also have Investor’s Business Daily, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Enterprise, and Chronicle of Higher Education Newspapers. The most recent issues of these newspapers are kept with the magazines on the fourth floor of the library.

If you would like to find older newspaper articles or search through other newspapers that the library does not have in print, we have several newspaper databases:

Library Terminology

How to Find Articles

There are three ways you can find journal articles.

The first way is to search through the library databases to find journal articles. This is the most common and probably the easiest way to find journal articles.

The second way is to search using our electronic journal locator.  Use this tool when you know the title of the journal you would like to search in. You can also search for articles within journals according to subject. The disadvantage to this method is that you are searching through journals one at a time instead of searching many different journals all at once.

The third way to search for articles is to do a search with Google Scholar. This can be beneficial as a beginning search item. You will retrieve a lot of results, and the searches are more difficult to get a precise search. A lot of the material in Google Scholar requires a subscription. You may be able to read an abstract, but you won't have access. Library databases and searches are more precise and will not ask for payment.

How to Find Ebooks

The Ensign College Library offers access to several thousand ebooks via various databases. Many of these books are included along with the search results.

You can also select to search only for electronic books from the Library Catalog. This is where you will find the most current ebooks including many popular Dummies titles as well as Microsoft Office titles. For more information, see the LibGuide on the topic.

How to Find Images

There are many resources available to help you find images for use with art, interior design, or other projects.

One of the best places is through BYU and their Museum of Art Collection.

The Interior Design Databases may also have images you could use.


2. Art Source

3. Art Full Text


You can also find images on Flickr and photobucket.

For the most part, you may be free to use these in any assignment, but, if you plan to publish or sell your work, you will need to check the copyright rules for the images in question.

How to Find DVDs

The library has a fairly large collection of DVDS and videos. Those which are on reserve for a class are behind the reference and circulation desk on the third floor. DVDS and videos of educational interest are located the third floor near reference materials. DVDs and videos for leisure viewing can be found on the fourth floor near our leisure book collection.