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Library Resources: Accessing Newspapers

This guide contains a full list of resources organized by name.

Why Newspapers?

In some of your classes, you will be required to read and write about certain articles that can only be found in Newspapers and Magazines. To help you avoid any payments, the Library has access to both resources for you to use and finish your assignments. Unfortunately, not all the magazines allow an online view of their product, but for those who do, here is a step by step on how to access them. If you desire to see the rest of them, come to the Library, where you will find the physical copies

Accessing the Database

For this example, we will be looking for the Wall Street Journal Online, but the process is the same for every journal/magazine. 

   1. Start on the Homepage of the LDSBC Library website. Click on the link to "find info" tab to display and click on Databases to navigate through them. 


   2. From the Databases page, click "News and current events" to select ProQuest Newspapers

This will take you out of the LDSBC website to the ProQuest website. You can try searching here for the WSJ, but its hard to find.

Inside the Database

   3. Click on Publications


   4. From there, search for the "Wall Street Journal Online".


The most recent online Wall Street Journal will be the only result. You can scroll down and select "Newspapers" to read articles from previous weeks. The most recent editions are at the top, and their individual articles will be displayed once you click on the date.