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Political Science 110: Home



Welcome to the POLS 110 Lib Guide. Here you'll find useful resources to fulfill your class assignments and links that will lead you to places where you can expand your knowledge on American Government History. 

In the first weeks of the semester, you'll be studying The Constitution and the Bill of Rights very closely. The following resources will help you better understand it and apply the teachings of it in your life.

The Constitution

 The Constitution 

 Direct link to the original copy of The Constitution 

• Having issues understanding it? Try reading it in your native language

 Spanish // Portuguese // French

The Heritage Guide to the Constitution

 Explanation of each section of The Constitution and relation to   the different powers. 

• Videos of the Constitution 

 The Constitution, Articles, and Federalism (CrashCourse)

 Understanding the Constitution (Element 99)

Bill of Rights

•  The Bill of Rights

  Direct link to the original copy of the Bill of Rights and Amendments.

•  National Archives

  Guide to help you better understand each section of the document. 

Background  Essay

  PDF explaining the need of having a Bill of Rights

Crash Course Video 

  Overview of civil rights and civil liberties. 

Self-help tools