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ART 101 : Pause and Reflect


Welcome! On this page, you'll be able to find resources that may help you complete your "Pause and Reflect" assignments. Remember that there are many more other resources on the web, these are just the ones we found most useful. Feel free to be creative and have fun with your research.

Don't forget to visit the Museum's Tab to access the complete list of the museums

Art Timeline

The following websites will help you have a better perspective on the timeline of Art. This will be a very useful resource if you are a visual learner. 

°Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

°Identify This Art

Info from other guides

You'll be able to find information to help you with this assignment in the resources we have available for other courses. Don't hesitate to follow the links below to visit their sites.

°Humanities 110 Guide - ART

°ID 211 - Art Research

Art Databases

Your teacher asked you to use more databases than the ones used for class, here is a list of some others that may be helpful:

°Art History Timeline: Movements and their impacts

°History of Art Timeline

°Timelines of Art

°Chart of Art's Timeline (PDF)