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ART 110: Assignments Tools

Final Project

Having issues choosing what to do for the Final Project? Here are some ideas that might help you:

Historical Documentary: Choose a significant Social or Historical event and create a documentary or videoed scene. 

Radio station/Podcast: Work in groups to create a radio program/podcast which you will record or perform live. Make sure to consider the air time and the target audience. 

Issues Performance: You can create a scene that subtly utilizes issues in a current news event. Determine the time, place, etc. They finished work can either be filmed or performed live. 

Musical/ Multimedia Performance: Develop a musical performance or multimedia presentation using original or existing music, visual arts, dance, etc.  Make sure to combine materials and ideas to create a new work of art.


Free Creative Resources

Do you have issues finding resources for your content? The following websites allow you to use their material: 




Keeping a Journal

Accountability is key in recognizing our progression, that is why you'll be required to keep a journal for this class. This simple action will help you ponder about the activities you did and how they made you feel. If this is a new concept for you, here are some articles that will help you make the writing of your journal a memorial experience. 

Keeping a Journal your way

The Power of Personal Journals is enduring

18 Tips fro keeping a Journal 

Beginners' Guide to keeping a journal 

TED Talks

Fan of TED Talks? We are too! That is why we want to share some more that will help you expand your vision and incentive your creative senses.