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English 101: Literature Review

Resources to help students complete their assignments in English 101.

10 Ways to Evaluate Sources

Consider these criteria when selecting sources. Make sure you choose a source that is credible, objective, and thorough.


When was it written? Is it recent enough to be relevant?


For whom was it written? Is it too complex or too simple?

 Peer Reviewed

Approved by other experts? A scholarly source?

 Format & Writing Quality

Well written? Does it use good spelling and grammar?

 Authority of Author

Is he or she an expert? What is his or her background, education, etc.


Does the author intend to inform or persuade the reader? What is the goal of the source?


Is the scope of the source appropriate? Does it match your topic?

 Reputation of the Publisher

How long has the publisher been in business? Are they highly ranked?

 Objective or Subjective

Is the author presenting information or drawing conclusions for you? Is the language neutral or emotional?


Does the source present multiple sides of an issue? Does the author have an agenda?

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

Understanding Article Records

Rhetorical Tools